To register on the Reach Out website please click here to visit our registration page.

Choose the required country group. Once registered with this group you will receive reach out requests from other registered members and be able to create a new anonymous reach out request.

Please note for security you can only be subscribed to one countries group at a time. You can change which country group you wish to subscribe to. If you require subscription to multiple countries groups, we recommend creating multiple accounts with unique email address.

You will be asked to enter a unique username and password along with an active email address. Finally read and confirm you agree to our terms of use.

You will automatically be logged into the site and greeted by the Membership confirmation page.

You will now have the options to manage your account, view your Reach Out message inbox and create a new Reach Out request.

Once you start communicating with another member of Reach Out, they will be able to see your username, so please keep this in mind when picking your unique Reach Out username.

To create a new Reach Out Request, you can click on either the ‘Reach out to the (your registered country group) button at the top of the page or click the New request button on the right.

On the Reach Out request page, you can enter the item you are interested in and a short message, that will be sent to all members of your country group.

Members receiving this email will not know who has sent it, so if you require to stay anonymous at this stage please do not enter any personal information.

Once members have received your request they will have the opportunity to send you a personal message on the Reach Out websites personal email system. You will receive email notification each time a message is sent you as well as seeing a ‘new message banner’ at the top of the site while you are logged in.

From this point you will be able to see the username of the member who has replied to your request. You can then continue to discuss the arrangements  of your requirement or exchange personal contact information to continue the discussion ‘offline’ via email or phone.

As a member of Reach out you will receive email request from other Reach out members of your chosen country group. You can then choose to ignore or respond to these requests.

By clicking the ‘click here to reply’ button within the request email you will be taken to your personal Reach Out mailbox, with a blank message addressed to the anonymous user who made the request. You may need to login to the Reach Out website to access your mail box. You can login via the form at the top or on the right of the page.