This website works to introduce Companies to other Companies in the same region that have a common goal of keeping within the law relating to the EC Reach regulations, with emphasis to not breaking through the import total of 1000Kgs of any substance in one year.

We cover the whole of the EU, and introduce companies within the same country, or in neighbouring countries, where possible.

Items imported into the EC, for most substances if under 1000Kgs per year are exempt from Reach registration and products purchased from suppliers within the EC are excluded from any calculations made in relationship to gross purchases.

All you need to do is sign up to the website, choose a unique username (see FAQs for guidelines), and you can make a request straight away.
Our automated system will send your enquiry to everyone in the same country, or same region if you are the first in your country to enquire.
People will then get in touch with you via our website email system, to offer to help.  (Please note, if nobody responds, we cannot help, although you can send a second request at a later date).
Once you are in touch with one or more companies, you should check whether the substances they supply, or intend to supply are subject to Reach registration.reach out puzzled man cartoon
To minimise the risk of over importation, it is advised Companies that respond to those requiring help are in a different trading market and by doing this, there should be no potential sharing of any market information.

It is your responsibility to ensure that using this website does not lead to any breach of EU Anti-Competition law.

Use this web site to establish trusted relationships with other Companies in your region

No, this site is used to introduce one company with another

No, the intension is to make sure that you remain within the legal requirements of Reach

Introductions to manufacturers/suppliers can be established by private communication

Nothing.  This web site has been funded privately and may allow paid for advertising to suitable companies. We accept donations to support our work

No, To avoid any conflict of interest or accidental disclosure of market information, it is better to know as little as possible about the products being sought.

We suggest that you should use the CAS number and/or the EC number in the heading “I’m interested in” and in the message section write the weight you are looking for and, possibly state your industry sector.  The latter will help to avoid companies in the same sector from replying

Try to avoid giving any identity information or substance information, so do not use your own name or nickname (if it’s known in the industry); do not use your company name; do not use a place name, if you are the only company dealing in chemicals locally. Avoid using a substance name, use CAS and EC numbers.

A good username might be one comprising a pet name and a number, e.g. Monty10 (my pet cat Monty, who lived to be 10); or Monty1995 (my pet cat Monty, who was born in 1995).  But don’t use any information you use for usernames or passwords on other sites.

Once a reply has been received and you answer it, the need for secrecy (as users) is no longer important.

If you no longer want to receive these request messages, then please follow the link at the bottom of the email to cancel your membership. Or go directly to your membership account page.