My name is Peter Watson, and I am employed by a dyestuffs company called Town End (Leeds) plc, which was incorporated in the UK in 1934 to make and formulate dyes. Our website is at

As an SME importing dyes and chemicals in small quantities, I have several substances which are just over the REACH tonnage threshold of 1 tonne per annum.

However, it would be too expensive to register them for REACH, so I started to look for other companies who can import these, and then sell them to me, and perhaps do the same for them. This is entirely legal under the terms of REACH.

I discovered that a lot of companies, not just SMEs are in a similar situation, and thought how useful it would be if these companies had a method of finding each other, hence the setting up of the REACH Out web site as a match-making service to introduce companies to each other.

In an attempt to avoid and potential conflict of interest I thought It would be much better if you could partner with a company that isn’t serving the same industry sector, that way there should be no competition between partners, and our system lets you do that through user names.

This website has been written by me, with our partners at The Net Effect,

REACH Out is run on a not for profit basis. We don’t charge you anything to use the service, and we support it through advertising and voluntary donations. To donate click here.

I hope that you find this service useful, and you can find one or more partners to import substances to keep you below the REACH registration level.

Your sincerely,

Peter Watson

PS Even if the UK is no longer under REACH after Brexit, this website will still be supported, as the service can be used by companies inside or outside the EU trading into Europe.