REACH Compliance with Cooperation

Do I Really Need To Register A Substance for REACH?

Asking the question ‘do I really need to register a substance for REACH?‘ means you are probably aware of the obligations of your business and REACH Registration. You are however seeking ways to save the costly requirements of registering.

You are not looking to avoid responsibility, just reaching out for the alternative solution that is REACHOut. By joining REACHOut you become part of the ‘free to use’ independent cooperative between importers and companies.

How Importing Substances and REACHOut Works

The cooperative REACHOut website has been created to help importers within the EC to comply with import limitations, as clearly defined in the EC REACH regulations. It is not a loophole to exploit the REACH regulations. It is a business tool designed to help you keep within the law.

This website works to introduce importers/companies in the same region that have a common goal of keeping within the law relating to the EC Reach regulations.

REACHOut & the Europe Union

The Stars of Unity of Europe

Importing less than a metric ton (1000Kgs) annually renders most chemical substances exempt from registration. The emphasis to not breaking through the import total of 1000Kgs of any substance in one year.

REACHOut covers the whole of the EU, and introduce companies within the same country or (where possible) in neighbouring countries.

REACH imposes the requirement to register imported chemical substances that exceed the 1000Kg annual quantity and failing to register the substance risks liability to prosecution.

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